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Frequently Asked Questions


What is Rewst?

Rewst helps automate your tickets, security, operations and other business processes using human language / low-code / no-code UI.

What are workflows, forms, crates, and templates?

Have a look at the terminology page for more information.

You keep mentioning the "ROC", who or what is that?

The ROC is our internal team here to help you create, monitor and manage your workflows, forms, crates and templates. Our dedicated team of specialists means that you can utilise automation in a way that previously required an in-house specialist.

Am I creating my own workflows / forms etc, or are you?

Both of these are supported options, but we recommend you utilise our ROC Robotics Operation Center and make them do the work for you!

How do I access variables in a workflow? Normal and Workflow Listeners too!?

When running a workflow, you can access the variables within that workflow by accessing what we call "The Context".

The context is accessible by using {{ CTX.<variable_name> }} - this will autocomplete in the workflow editor.

We also have some default variables that are accessible in all workflows, such as the org id, or org variables etc. These are accessible by using {{ ORG.<thing> }}. Note there are a couple of these:

{{ ORG.VARIABLES.<variable_name> }} - Accesses the org variables from the org that the workflow is running in.

{{ ORG.ATTRIBUTES.<variable_name> }} - Accesses the org attributes from the org that the workflow is running in, such as the ORG ID

Further above, we talked about workflow listeners and how they can access the variables from the workflow that they are listening to. This is done by using {{ COMPLETED_WORKFLOW.CTX.<variable_name> }} - this should autocomplete in the workflow editor.

An example is if you have {{ CTX.first_name }} which has a value of "Adam", in the workflow listener workflow you would access it with {{ COMPLETED_WORKFLOW.CTX.first_name }} which would also have a value of "Adam".

Finally, you can access the task output using {{ TASKS.<task_name>.result.result }} - this will autocomplete in the workflow editor.

It's worth noting this also works for workflow listeners, so if you have a workflow listener that runs a task, you can access the output of that task using {{ COMPLETED_WORKFLOW.TASKS.<task_name>.result.result }}

Why can't I click on actions when using the Brave browser?

There is an issue with the Brave browser where it will block the click event on actions. This is due to the way that Brave handles the click event. To fix this, you can either disable the Brave shield for the page, or you can use a different browser. The feature is called "Shields Off" in Brave.